Fourth Grade: Reading

Extend literacy beyond the classroom

In school, your child is learning to think critically about what they read to identify an author’s motivations. Help them extend these reading skills beyond the classroom to the media they consume daily by teaching them media literacy skills.

Media literacy is the is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act on all forms of communication. Kids can increase improve their savviness as media consumers by asking these questions about all media messages they encounter:

  • WHO made this?
  • WHY was it made?
  • WHAT is missing from this message?
  • HOW might different people interpret this message?
  • WHO might benefit from this message?
  • WHO might be harmed by this message?

Choose a news story or online advertisement to discuss together and practice asking the questions above about the story or ad. Model thinking carefully about what the message means and why it was made. Encourage your child to talk to you any time they encounter a confusing message.