Learn by Sticker: More Addition & Subtraction

Use Math to Create 10 Fantasy Animals!


By Workman Publishing

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Explore a fun innovative way to practice math: with stickers! This activity-packed sticker book for children ages 6 and up provides addition, subtraction, and skip counting practice while creating ten magical fantasy animal images, one sticker at a time.​

Step 1: Solve the problem
Step 2: Find the matching sticker
Step 3: Place the sticker

…and watch your fantasy animal pictures come to life!

Combining the joy of Paint by Sticker Kids® with the curriculum-based practice of Brain Quest®, Learn by Sticker® is a completely new way for kids to practice key math skills.

In Learn by Sticker: More Addition and Subtraction, solve second grade-level addition and subtraction problems and use the answers to determine where to place each sticker to create ten sticker images of charming fantasy animals. Plus, the back of each sticker page contains fun, critical thinking-based math activities like solving riddles, decoding secret messages, and more.

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May 21, 2024
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44 pages

Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing

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