It's Fun to Be Smart!

Welcome to BRAIN QUEST, America’s #1 educational bestseller that challenges kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it.

BRAIN QUEST is available for Pre-K through 7th Grade

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Overseen by the BRAIN QUEST ADVISORY BOARD, a panel of award-winning educators, BRAIN QUEST is a curriculum-based question-and-answer game whose content reflects national and state standards. Beloved by kids, trusted by parents, and approved and used by teachers, it’s the brand that says It’s Fun to Be Smart!® And delivers.

“There’s a game out there that doesn’t need batteries-it runs on brain power. It’s called BRAIN QUEST, and it proves that being smart can also be fun.”—Chicago Tribune

“BRAIN QUEST goes beyond simple memorization and encourages kids to use reasoning, listening, and visualization skills, which increases it’s educational and entertainment value.”—SESAME STREET PARENTS